About Taupo Hiabs Transport Solutions

Taupo Hiabs is a small family owned and operated company that is easy to deal with and 100% committed to solving our customers' problems.

When you call, you will talk to Paul or Kelly directly who can advise on your job and offer an immediate fixed quote.

Taupo Hiabs specialises in tight access sites, technical lifts and oversized transport.

Why choose us?

At Taupo Hiabs we look for freight solutions from the customer's point of view. With many years of experience in diverse fields, our team looks forward to solutions not backwards to problems. Let us help you with your next lift.

1. Solutions from the customer's point of view

At Taupo Hiabs we look at everything from the customer's point of view and how can we make this process easier for you. This starts when you get a quote, and finishes when we deliver the load to where you want it.

2. Consumer focused

Taupo Hiabs is a small company where the little guy counts, we want to help the consumer market, the customer who doesn’t have an account with a large trucking company, the customer who just needs a small lift. We want to help make the process easy and affordable.

3. Book the job when it suits you

With a simple phone call, we can quote and book your job when it suits you. That spa you’ve been looking at on Trade Me at 11pm at night, the new lounge suite your partner buys on Sunday afternoon. Nothing phases us.

4. Fixed price

No one else does it. We are the pioneers of convenience.

5. Varied history, so lots of experience

Our team is small and we use this to our advantage, everybody in our team is ready to lift your job for you. Everybody comes from a different background which means you get a very broad range of experience when Taupo Hiabs turns up. We believe your lift is like a child - it takes a village to raise them.

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